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tribe to survive for the long term should have an enduring foundation



This is the One People Tribal Nation Charter, hereinafter referred to as the “Charter,” created by a collaboration of Elders and spiritual leaders for the good of the people in the Autumn of the year 2013.



We will be known as One People Tribal Nation in support of which we create One People Tribal Nation LLC (additional information is provided in Article VII).



Recognizing that everything in our human life has as its interconnected origin our one and only Earth Mother, we, members of One People Tribal Nation, pledge to honor, offer our gratitude for and protect our planet.

We are all Earth people, united together toward the restoration of harmony within the living fabric of life on Earth. We come forward in purposeful stewardship, encouraging biodiversity and a renewable, sustainable path in which everyone has the opportunity to offer their gifts and live in balance and health.

We foresee a time of complete restoration and renewal of our Earth Mother with respect for all life as sacred.

We, members of One People Tribal Nation, offer a united home for all humanity, a new tribe for all people. We honor the diversity of all life, all cultures and all orientations. We welcome those people who can teach us and share their wisdom ways. We welcome the sharing of ceremonies. A special welcome is set out for the youth, for they are our future and we are in service to them.

Recognizing that there is now no greater task before us than mitigating the challenges to our Earth Mother, we hold space and vision for this new era and offer our best and brightest efforts to uplift her into love, peace, harmony and balance. We welcome all of Earth's people to join us in our united course as a dedicated nation of stewards.



Section 3.1 The Birth of the One People Tribal Nation

The promise to form One People Tribal Nation was made during a gathering of Wisdom Keepers & Youth Council in the area known as Mt. Shasta in August of 2012. Here, the assembled Elders and Wisdom Keepers heard the clear voices of inner city youth asking them to please share their guidance and knowledge of the Earth's sacred ways so that they too could carry forward in a good way and become wise stewards of all the precious life forms and energies that share this beautiful home with us. These Elders, so overcome by the sincerity of this heartfelt request, bowed their heads, and like sunflowers heavy with the fruit of the next generation, vowed to create a sacred vessel into which they could pour all their best wisdom for the benefit of the people. This vessel is One People Tribal Nation.

This 2012 Wisdom Keepers & Youth Council was attended by Elders, wisdom keepers, Clan Mothers and Clan Fathers representing the four corn people of the Earth: red, white, yellow and black lineages were all present at the council. The youth who came and attended were also from many backgrounds. Most of them had never had the chance to sit by a fire, cross a creek barefoot, or sleep under the stars at night. Without this grounding in the gifts of our Earth Mother, these children were without a spiritual homeland, stripped of a connection to the natural world and unsure of their footing in the realm of Spirit.

After many days of listening, learning, observing and nurturing, the Elders saw these youth blossom and bloom like flowers under the restorative influence of the water, earth, fire, air and all the blessed beings who came to share at the sacred fire and the sacred drumming that never ceased in the council house. Day and night, the youth were offered ceremonies, sweat lodges and teachings. They learned about drumming, singing, tending fires, storytelling, making medicine bundles, how to chop wood and carry water, how to honor the many gifts that the Earth Mother shares with us all and how to be a human being with love, dignity and respect for others. They learned about a new age of the People of Honey, which, according to the sacred teachings of the Mayans and many others the world over, is a time when people will live in natural balance. The youth learned how they too can be a part of this new era which is now upon us.

Towards the end of the council, the youth sent a representative to speak for them and, with talking stick in hand, this young person spoke to the council and brought forth their request: “Please give us a home where we may learn these sacred ways; please teach us, that we may share our gifts with the whole and know that we too have a place in connection with all that is sacred. We want to be a part of the new People of Honey.”

The Elders knew they were witnessing a miracle, and they received this speech with great gratitude, knowing that they could not refuse to meet these sincere and humble requests for a spiritual home. They agreed to create a vessel, a new place where everyone might bring their gifts forward and be united with their spiritual nature in a good way that honors the sacredness of all life.

They agreed to form new ways of sharing ceremony so that all the people of the Earth might unite in a sacred circle and share their knowledge about all the special energies and offerings that create the living fabric of life on our beautiful Earth Mother. They shared a vision and foresaw a great coming together with different clans and societies, each bringing forward the treasures of wisdom from their own special locations – the blessings of the oceans, the deserts, the woodlands, the mountains and all the sacred habitats on Earth.

Together the people of the Earth will share ceremonies, songs, initiations and traditions that will be used to honor all life. They will do this in a harmonious and balanced way that allows for global sharing and global practice so that all may find a framework for safe and sacred spiritual expression. The One People Tribal Nation vision is of a fully restored and renewed Earth Mother who is honored, blessed and cared for by her grateful Earth children.

Thus, One People Tribal Nation was born.

Section 3.2 Cultural Foundations

One People Tribal Nation recognizes that the culture of a nation is what defines the meaning of life for its people. Cultural diversity is a key part of our ability to sustain existence and community into the future.

One People Tribal Nation is weaving a caregiving culture that has as its guiding principles holistic living and the awareness that the planet that we live on is a sentient being that deserves love, honor, and respect.

Section 3.3 Ceremonies

Ceremonies shared throughout the tribal nation support cultural, societal, and spiritual healing and wellbeing, without superceding any individual expression or religious choice.

Section 3.4 Communication: the Foundation of Every Culture

One People Tribal Nation's primary cross-cultural bridge language is English. We strive to re-define and adjust our style of communication to nourish a culture of peace and harmonious life ways.



Section 4.1 Membership

Members consist of Clan Mothers, Clan Fathers and members. All members make up the tribal roll.

  1. Clan Mothers

Each Clan shall choose one woman to serve as Clan Mother. The Clan retains the power to remove and replace the Clan Mother. Clan Mothers are the guiding body of One People Tribal Nation and Clans. Clan Mothers choose their counterparts, the Clan Fathers.

b. Clan Fathers

Clan Fathers are chosen by the Clan Mothers to assist them in their duties.

c. Members

Members are people whose names are recorded in the tribal roll as members. Members are not

required to belong to a pre-existing Clan in order to join.

Section 4.2 Admission of New Members

It is the duty of the Clan Mother to enroll new members who may be invited or request admission. New members are admitted by Clan Mothers and referred to the Secretary for recording in the tribal membership rolls.

Section 4.3 Membership Rolls

The names of all members shall be set forth in the official tribal roll maintained by the Secretary, which shall be amended from time to time to reflect the admission of new members.

Section 4.4 Member Liability

All debts, obligations and liabilities of One People Tribal Nation, whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise, shall be solely the debts, obligations and liabilities of One People Tribal Nation, and no member shall be obligated personally for any such debts, obligations or liabilities solely by reason of being a member.

Section 4.5 Withdrawal of membership

  1. Members shall have the unilateral right to resign or withdraw with notice to the Secretary of One People Tribal Nation. This withdrawal will become official within 30 days of notice.

  1. Any individual member that violates the Charter or the tenets therein may be banned from Clan and Tribal activities by their Clan Mother.

  1. A Clan Mother may be removed by unanimous vote of all other Clan Mothers if she violates the Charter or the tenets therein.


Section 5.1 Clan Mothers

The Clan Mothers, with counsel from Clan Fathers, make decisions by consensus in the administration of One People Tribal Nation.

Section 5.2 Actions by Leaders

  1. Meetings

The Clan Mothers may take action by meeting in person, telephone or Internet. Clan Mothers shall be informed of meetings at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting by public announcement, electronic mail or traditional mail. They have four days in which to respond to the call for a meeting.

  1. Voting

Each Clan Mother or her designated proxy shall be entitled to vote upon all matters for which One People Tribal Nation Clan Mothers have a right to vote. All decisions must be made by Clan Mothers, and must be unanimous.

  1. Proxy

Should a Clan Mother be unable to vote herself, it is her responsibility to designate a person to vote on her behalf.

  1. Officers

The Clan Mothers shall designate the following officers: the registered agent of the LLC, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

Section 5.3 Additions and Removals

  1. The Clan Mothers may choose to include additional Clans by invitation or petition as One People Tribal Nation grows.

  1. Clans may gain representation by adhering to the guiding principles of the Charter, under the guidance of appropriate leadership.

  1. Any Clan that violates this charter and its tenets will be subject to dismissal.

Section 5.4 Clans

Clans are defined as subgroups, communities acting much like extended families. These self-identified groups will take on names that express their uniqueness.

Section 5.5 Stewardship

One People Tribal Nation shall have a respectful relationship with land, water, minerals and likewise all living creatures.

Section 5.6 Societies

As tribal clans get large enough, there will naturally emerge people with specialties and particular interests. These people will make up the societies within the clans and will take on names that indicate their specialty or interest.


We recognize that rights necessarily also bring responsibilities with them.

Section 6.1 Food

  1. We the People of the Earth have the right to clean, unadulterated food, uncontaminated

by poisons and/or genetic modification, and we have the right to the seeds of the plants we grow.

  1. Therefore, we have the responsibility to cultivate and choose our own food and/or to trade with others for food grown in this way.

Section 6.2 Air and Water

  1. We have the right to clean air and water.

  1. Therefore we have the obligation to do our best to stop toxic waste from entering our ground

water, streams, rivers, oceans and lakes, and to limit our own personal measure of toxic waste

and consumption of products that lead to toxic waste. We also have an obligation to envision

and share knowledge of alternative energies and to limit our own use of any fuels that pollute

the air and water.

Section 6.3 Being in Community

  1. We have the right to safety from physical, emotional or mental harm in our own communities.

b. We therefore have the obligation to train ourselves in peacemaking techniques, to study,

research and educate ourselves and our children about the root causes of violence, and to organize our social structures, language, governance, conflict resolution techniques, laws, and child rearing practices to foster nourishing and just environments for all.

Section 6.4 Children

  1. All children have the right to a safe, nurturing home with adults who protect, mentor

and care about them, and are dedicated to helping these children grow into competent Earth stewards who can teach the next generations.

  1. Therefore, we have the obligation to organize ourselves to give every child a warm, welcoming, nurturing environment and the education and skills to become responsible, wise and compassionate Earth stewards.

Section 6.5 Well Being

  1. We have the right to good health, good health care and to be cared for in our vulnerable stages such as childhood, pregnancy and elderhood.

  1. Therefore, we have the obligation to learn healing techniques and to support the well being of ourselves and our communities.

Section 6.6 Our Bodies Are Our Own

People have the right to determine the way they use their own body as long as it does not harm or impinge on the rights of others. Therefore, each of us has the obligation to support and protect the bodily rights of others.

  1. We protect the inherent right of each person to develop their sexuality and gender as their authentic self, safely and with appropriate cultural dignity and respect.

  1. People have the right to the reproductive health care of their own choosing.

Section 6.7 Education

  1. We have the right to an education of our own choice, fostering critical thinking and seeking truth.

  1. Therefore, we have the obligation to structure our lives so that we have the time for study and reflection, shared inquiry and the pursuit of wisdom from childhood through elderhood.

Section 6.8 The Arts & Creativity

  1. We have the right to joyful celebration and creative self-expression.

  1. Therefore, we have the obligation to promote the arts and to set aside time and space to share our talents with others.

Section 6.10 Quality of Life

  1. We have the right to “right livelihood,” and to be free from want.

  1. Therefore, we have the obligation to organize ourselves into economies that are sustainable.

  1. We have the right to safe, warm, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing housing.

  1. Therefore, we promote the values of permaculture and sustainable building.

Section 6.11 Commons

We have the right to a commons where each of us can go to celebrate, study, exchange

goods, relax, socialize and use for the common good, to which all people have access and the responsibility to contribute.



Section 7.1 Formation of the Nation as an LLC

The Clan Mothers shall execute or cause to be executed all instruments, certificates, notices and documents as may now or hereafter be required for the formation and maintenance of the valid existence of, and when appropriate, the termination of the LLC as a Limited Liability Company under the laws of the State of New Mexico.

Section 7.2 Purpose of the LLC

The purpose of the LLC is to be the fiscally responsible agent for One People Tribal Nation and to act as the interface with the other political entities it may encounter.

Section 7.3 Place of Business

The business address of the LLC shall be determined by the Clan Mothers. The LLC may from time to time have other places of business, within or without the state of New Mexico, as the Clan Mothers may decide.

Section 7.4 Registered Agent

The registered agent of the LLC is a Clan Mother. To remove or replace a currently serving LLC registered agent requires the unanimous vote of the Clan Mothers.

Section 7.5 Company Property

No real or other property of the LLC shall be deemed to be owned by any one member individually. All property shall be owned solely by the LLC.

Section 7.6 Accounting Period

The close of the LLC's year for financial statement and federal income tax purposes shall be December 31.



Section 8.1 Dues and Contributions

  1. Each member shall contribute membership dues annually at a rate determined by the Clan Mothers.

  1. Members may make additional contributions.

Section 8.2 Raising Additional Capital

Additional capital may be raised by One People Tribal Nation through the sale of non-tangible and tangible items including but not limited to: audio recordings, video recordings, books, pamphlets, services, events and benefits as approved by the Clan Mothers.

Section 8.3 Rights to Content

All Clan Mothers, Clan Fathers and members shall retain full rights to content originating from them, previously or currently published. Any content published under the name of One People Tribal Nation shall belong to One People Tribal Nation LLC.

Section 8.4 Commercial Activity

One People Tribal Nation LLC may engage in commerce and may seek funding from grants, funding sources, social platforms, internet, investors or investment opportunities, trade and exchange locally, regionally and internationally.

Section 8.5 Profits

One People Tribal Nation LLC may make financial distributions to members. No distribution shall be made if the LLC would then not be able to pay its debts, or if such distribution would leave the LLC unable to pay its liabilities.



Section 9.1 Accounting Method

Accounting records will be kept on a cash basis.

Section 9.2 Financial Records

All financial records, including tax returns and financial statements, will be kept at the primary business location of One People Tribal Nation LLC and will be accessible to all members.

Section 9.3 Bank Account

A bank account will be set up for One People Tribal Nation LLC. The registered agent and the Treasurer appointed by the Clan Mothers shall be the signatories.



Amendments may be made by unanimous consent of the Clan Mothers.